PABELLÓN is a Venezuelan food stall, at the moment running in Lower March Market. It started on March 2017 when Karla and Helios, a young venezuelan couple decided that it would be great to share the venezuelan traditions and flavors with the people. They introduced themselves to the culinary world on 2016 when open their first brand and now are very enthusiastic to spread their new products around London.

We offer two of the most important venezuelan dishes.  The Pabellon, a full meal, healthy and delicious.  It comes with white rice, black beans, slow cooked shredded beef or chicken, fried plantains, avocado, salad and corn bread. The best combination of carbohydrates, proteins, fruits and vegetable. And the Arepa, a corn bread prepared at the moment and filled with the customer choice of beef, chicken or beans combined with cheese, salad, avocado and fried plantains. Both, Arepa and Pabellon, have a vegetarian and vegan version and they are also gluten free