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Where tradition and passion are combined with loads of care to deliver delicious menu options. Our varied menu of Venezuelan food with gluten free options, seek to preserve generations of family recipes, processes and flavours. Our name only gains a deeper sense, as it comes from the national Venezuelan platter (Creole Flag) that includes black beans, shredded meet, rice and plantains served together to represent a mix of races & cultures; therefore we like to believe that we are not only about great healthy food, but a place where we all meet and come together as one. We hope you enjoy our website and visit us soon.

from CaracasVenezuela


Nowadays people care more for what they eat and are increasingly looking for healthier options when eating out. This combined with the great growth of street food in the last 5 years, lead us to what we are today. We seek to offer our great quality food with a nutritious combination, translating into an exotic and delicious menu through a speedy service at an affordable price. Less time should not mean unhealthy. Our delicious gluten free options only enhance the whole equation. Have you tried our corn bread Arepas yet?

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